Body Tune-Up

   Gently Bringing Your Body Back Into Balance - Enhances Longevity

Jump Starting Your Personal Journey to Better Health and Vitality is a Marathon Race,

Not a 50 Yard Dash.

"Body Tuning is an advanced form of bodywork.  It combines orthopedic physical therapy, medical massage, remedial exercise and a variety of other well-known modalities.  A skilled body tuner can help in reducing pain and increasing range of motion.  Body Tuning is not a system but a therapy that is utilized to alleviate conditions in the skeletal, muscular and connective tissue systems without the use of drugs or surgery"

   Why Choose Body Tuning?

Today, medical practitioners use energy healing to treat depression, panic attacks, grief, anger, sleep challenges, and more...

In fact, many illnesses and diseases such as fibromyalgia, digestive issues, and autoimmune disorders are being treated with sound-healing therapies -- which also boost the immune system.

Energy Therapy has led to remarkable success.  Gentle (yet powerful), therapeutic, and restorative -- PEMF energy can harmonize your entire being.


Adding Body Tuning to your weekly, monthly, bi-annual or annual wellness regimen will help you improve and enhance your body's natural healing abilities.   

Body Tune-Up Sessions

Stress                                 (30 min. ) $45

Sports                                (30) min.) $90

Over Exercising                (30 min.)  $90

Mild Depression               (30) min.) $80

Work Burn Out                 (30) min.) $60

Post Educational Exams  (30) min.) $60

Over Exertion                   (30) min.) $60

Tweens:                                (45) min.) $95

Teens:                               (60) min.) $115










 We're looking forward to helping you improve your health and wellness by Tuning You Up!

Girls in a Sports Practice