PEMF Devices 

iMRS (Magnetic  Resonance Stimulation)
 The iMRS produces a pulsaing electro-magnetic field that gently resonates through your body to recharge unhealthy cells.  It is this "resonanting process" that enables your cells to repair themselves and improve their ability to rebalance internal functions and heal tissue. 


Mfg. Swiss Bionic Solution
PEMF Units  (iMRS & Omnium 1)

iMRS Unit Cost: $3,500 to $10,800+

Omnium 1 

The Omnium 1 Mat, along with several  accessories, and the iMRS one--W@pp enables you to experience the benefits of PEMF therapy at home.  You will be able to focus on prevention, active health, wellness and fitness manage-ment with this affordable and cost effective unit.

Omnium Unit Cost: $3,500 to $4,589

Over 100 different Sizes of PEMF Mats and accessories are available.  Some mats are designed with "Crystals, Infra Red Tech, Proton modalities. Consumer usage for home or office.

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Price Range: $125 - $4,500

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“Before I went into a nursing- rehabilitation center I was able to walk.  When I came home I was unable to walk; my feet were terribly swollen and stiff.  However, After a few weeks of PEMF therapy I've regain the feeling in my feet and my ability to walk has immensely improved .”  I would recommend PEMF therapy to anyone experiencing edema and tingling in their feet and legs.

Ms. Margie Barr, Forestville, MD

“I was first introduced to RTPR by Ms. Stevens while waiting to have my back surgery approved. Ms. Stevens explained to me that I could use RTPR as a pain management product and reduce the amount of pain killers I was taking.  I got the relief I was looking for within minutes of using the cream.  My back surgery was a success but I still use my RTPR once a month to manage any discomfort or stiffness .”

Ms. Hicks, District Heights, MD

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Handy Cure - LLLT

The Handy Cure is classified as a LLLT hand held device.  This unit is a combination of pulsed laser, pulsed infrared radiation, pulsed red light, and a static magnetic field.   This device provides synergistic effects that are the key to quick healing.  As a hand held device it is exceptional for spot treatment of knees, ankles, shoulders, wrist, and elbows.  It’s also a very practical application for pregnant women experiencing swollen ankles (edema).  Diabetic's with pacemakers suffering from peripheral neuropathy benefit from direct application of this hand held device .  The use of the Handy Cure for PEMF treatment of their lower extremities will not interfere with the electrical pattern of their pacemaker. 


The Handy Cure is excellent for use by chiropractors, family practitioners, rehab therapy, physical therapy and pain management specialist.


Services / Rates


Initial Consultation:  $175.oo (120 minutes)

  • Health Assessment

  • Geriatric Assessment

  • Pain Assessment 

  • Adult Health History

  • Full Body PEMF Vasodilation

  • Treatment Plan

Follow Up Sessions

Therapy Sessions:  45 min. -1 hour (Initially 6 weeks - 2X's weekly)  (Rate Chart Available)

  • Therapy for 285 illnesses/diseases 

  • In-Home Service for home bound individuals

  • Pain Management (Therapeutic Massage )

  • Use of RTPR Holistic Pain Creams/Lotions) 

  • CBDs (cannabidiols products) 

  • Various nutritional supplements