PEMF DETOXIFICATION (In-Home Service - Home Bound Seniors & Disabled Individuals)

Full Body Detox using the iMRS Professional Unit 

PEMF Detoxification

Cellular detoxification using the iMRS 2000 Professional unit is provided to seniors and disabled individuals that are home bound due to their current health condition.  


The electomagnetic field (waves) gently break up the "cellular toxins" within the cell and the "heavy metalllic rust" that has accumulated on the outer surface of the cell. The EM waves boost the cells ability to remove toxins from within through the cellular fluid. Once the "rust" outside of the cell is shaken loose it can then be carried away with the other "waste products" through the body's natural waste removal process.  The results? Cleansed cells, more energy, improved  health.

PEMF & Sports Injuries

Summer time is fun time for kids but it's also a time when kids will experience more bumps and bruises as they participate in more group activities ; i.e.... basketball, soccer, touch football, softball or just playing with their friends at the park or in their neighborhood.


This young person is being treated with a handheld PEMF device (LLLT) for a mild injury to his arm when he fell playing basketball at a neighborhood playgound.   Using PEMF in this case helped to reduce the swelling and brusing that normally occurs after a fall.  Five minutes into his treatment he said " it's not huring like it was before".   That's because the EM waves were reducing the pain by soothing the damaged nerves.

Low back pain & PEMF Therapy

One of the simplest way to relieve low back pain is through the use of LLLT PEMF therapy. Four health modalities are housed within one unit to provide relief while boosting the cells ability to heal.  


Our LLLT Unit emits: 1) low radiation; 2) infra-red light; laser; and EM waves.  Together this combination 4-N-1 PEMF combo relieves pain, reduces tissue damage and helps boost the healing process on a cellular level.   

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