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gLou Stevens

Founder, Optimum Health & Wellness, Ret. RN

MediConsult Life Style Consultant

Swiss Bionic Solutions Distributor

Health Technician (NPI# 1336594894)
PEMF Specialist

Certified Preventive Care Practitioner

PEMF Specialist & Technician

As a Retired RN, Certified Preventive Care Practitioner, Health Coach and Senior Fitness Instructor, Ms. Stevens focuses on introducing and educating her clients and others about the benefits of incorporating Electro-Magnetic (Energy Medicine) treatments into their regular health regimen.   PEMF research has shown that it is possible to manage and gradually reverse many illnesses through the use of holistic therapies; i.e... (PEMF), nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals and healthy mineral-rich, alkaline water.

PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Therapy, is becoming more acceptable as a viable healthcare option for treating over 200 illnesses, including cancer.  The Center for OH&W offers "PEMF therapy", which is also recognized as "Energy Medicine" is a standard treatment for more than 280 illnesses.  Thus, PEMF therapy can be applied as a Preventive Therapy or Medicinal Treatment in conjunction with allopathic protocols.  

Keep in mind that several PEMF therapies are approved by FDA and CMS (Medicare).   OH&W introduces a variety of PEMF devices to allopathic, integrative and holistic practitioners throughout the DMV as a viable enhancement to their practice.   Ms. Stevens  is available to work with healthcare professionals interested in enhancing their practice by incorporating these and several other non-aggressive Medicare/Medicaid approved PEMF treatments into their practice.

Along with providing PEMF Therapy, nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, healthy cannabis and our clients are introduced to  brainwave entrainment, sound and light therapy and other holistic options that aid them in rebalancing the body from within.  Practical health prevention classes and seminars are also provided through various on-line health talk programs.

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